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One element of 02 that I would like to see get more attention is the use of the digimentals. There are loads of possibilities that come with armor evolution. I would have loved to see more of the cross evolutions that are touched upon in the drama cd, as well as the digimental combinations that were part of the early concept. So much potential that could be explored!

Fervor is based on Fire and Lightning, the attributes of his Digimentals — and obviously something that is associated with being passionate and energetic. Independence is based on the fawohodie — an african symbol that means independence, freedom and emancipation. Looks enough like wings to be a nudge towards the wind attribute of the love digimental, and added some petals for the flower attribute of Sincerity/Purity. Dignity was tricky. There is no real universal symbol for a deep respect and understanding of every living being. A vaguely heart shape comes closest to that. Added a wave-y flair for Joe’s water-attribute and the elongeded shapes to indicate insect antennas or wings — for the insect attribute of Knowledge.

° -° Even if they will never have their own crests, I hope at least you guys like it.

The Digital Plane.

I made this brew one afternoon, for my Modern/Cyberpunk D&D campaign as an act of world building.

Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

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hi i’m ken ichijouji from digimon!! im looking for everybody from my canon aah please no doubles or tailmon, veemon, and patamon bc i have already found them! feel free to message me and stuff

Hawkmon to Griffomon

Do you think that limiting the amount of armor evolutions in 02 was a good idea? I think it would’ve been an endless can of worms. 6 kids and 8 eggs would’ve made 48 possible armor evolutions. Once you introduce the ability for swapping eggs, how do you justify only showing 5 alternate forms instead of all 48 total? It would’ve felt disappointing and anticlimactic in other ways had they gone that route. Also, not all armor evolutions fit the child in egg armor theme that the show stayed with.

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I agree. It would have been confusing.

In addition to your points, my main objection the show spent a huge amount of time developing the idea that each Digimental fits / is entrusted to a specific Chosen Child (and it doesn’t happen automatically), so I don’t see how sharing/exchanging Digimentals would have worked in the TV series.

That scene in Michi e no Armour Shinka where everyone accidentaly switches D-terminals and uses someone else’s Digimentals and we see some of alternative armour evolutions is hilarious, but I don’t see how we can take it seriously or reconcile it with the main canon.

Anyway, one of the interesting aspects of 02 is that it explores multiple ways of evolutions and how (most of) the Chosen Children can already choose between different evolution lines, depending on their battle strategy. So there really was no need to introduce more armor evolutions; after a while, it would be repetitive and their enemies would have to be very underpowered (unless they found a way of having other Perfect-level Armor Evolutions).

Digimental Up Tailmon Armor Shinka Nefertimon Version 2 — Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Digimental Up Tailmon Armor Shinka Nefertimon Version 2

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Digimental Up V Mon Armor Shinka Lighdramon Version 2

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Digimental Up Patamon Tailmon Armor Shinka Pegasmon Nefertimon Version 1

3.14 MB 00:02:23 49

Digimental Up Armadimon Armor Shinka Submarimon Version 2

1.16 MB 00:00:53 39

Digimental Up V Mon Armor Shinka Fladramon Version 2

898.44 KB 00:00:40 20

Digimental Up Armadimon Armor Shinka Digmon Version 2

1.14 MB 00:00:52 22

Digimental Up Patamon Armor Shinka Pegasmon Version 2

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Patamon Tailmon Pegasmon Nefertimon Full Evolution And Fight Episode 3

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3.90 MB 00:02:58 685

Tailmon To Nefertimon Digimon Adventure 02

831.05 KB 00:00:37 1

Digimental Up Hawkmon Armor Shinka Shurimon Version 2

965.82 KB 00:00:43 22

Digimental Up Hawkmon Armor Shinka Holsmon Version 2

1.21 MB 00:00:55 76

Digimon Adventure 02 DigiEvolutions

3.49 MB 00:02:39 251

Digimon Adventure 02 V Mon Armor Shinka Lighdramon

651.37 KB 00:00:29 3

Digimental Up V Mon Armor Shinka Fladramon Version 1

1.43 MB 00:01:05 65

Tailmon Armor And Chou Shinka

628.91 KB 00:00:28 14

Pegasmon Nefertimon Episode 3

1.71 MB 00:01:18 2K

Digimental Up V Mon Armor Shinka Lighdramon Version 1

2.02 MB 00:01:32 60

Digimon 02 HD Aparecen Pegasmon Y Nefertimon Sub Español 1080p

5.24 MB 00:03:59 54

Digimental Up Hawkmon Armor Shinka Shurimon Version 1

1.69 MB 00:01:17 27

Digimon Adventure 02 V Mon Armor Shinka Fladramon

651.37 KB 00:00:29 5

Pegasmon Nefertimon Brave Heart

1.36 MB 00:01:02 4

Tailmon Chou Shinka Angewomon Version 2

786.13 KB 00:00:35 37

Digimental Up Hawkmon Armadimon Armor Shinka Holsmon Digmon Version 1

1.95 MB 00:01:29 23

Tailmon Armor Chou And Warp Shinka

628.91 KB 00:00:28 16

Digimon Adventure 02 Fladramon Holsmon Digmon Pegasmon And Nefertimon Digivolutions

2.98 MB 00:02:16 6

Digimon Adventure 02 Hawkmon Armor Shinka Shurimon

673.83 KB 00:00:30 1

DMO Nefertimon Armor Evolution All Skills

1.45 MB 00:01:06 12

Digimental Up Armadimon Armor Shinka Submarimon Version 1

1.38 MB 00:01:03 21

Digimon 02 Armor Digivolution Vmon

3.47 MB 00:02:38 5

Digimon Adventure 02 Armadimon Armor Shinka Submarimon

651.37 KB 00:00:29 3

Gatomon Angewomon Nefertimon

449.22 KB 00:00:20 16

Tailmon To Nefertimon Serbian

808.59 KB 00:00:36 13

Tailmon Chou Shinka Angewomon

1.27 MB 00:00:58 55

Hawkmon Shurimon Full Evolution Fight Episode 14

3.03 MB 00:02:18 702

Digimon Armadillomon Armor Digivolves Shinka Into Digmon Usa And Japan Versions

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Tailmon Gatomon Warp Shinka Magnadramon Version

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V Mon Lightdramon Full Evolution And Fight Episode 11

2.83 MB 00:02:09 239

Digimon Adventure 02 Armadimon Armor Shinka Digmon

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Digimon Masters Online Salamon Evolutions Skills Nefertimon

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6.58 MB 00:05:00 11

Digimon Adventure 02 Tailmon Theme Getting Up Sub Esp

6.62 MB 00:05:02 44

Dmo Nefertimon Armor Evo Effect En Español

2.08 MB 00:01:35 13

Hawkmon Armor Digivolve To Shurimon Japanese Version

808.59 KB 00:00:36 33

V Mon Armorevolves To Fladramon JP

2.98 MB 00:02:16 142

Digimon Masters Online Gatomon Evoluciones

2.28 MB 00:01:44 2

Plotmon Shinka Tailmon

404.30 KB 00:00:18 34

Digimon 02 HD El Nacimiento De Hawkmon Y Armadimon Sub Español 1080p

4.58 MB 00:03:29 177

Armadimon Submarimon Full Evolution Fight Episode 16

3.38 MB 00:02:34 435

Golden Armor Digivolve

988.28 KB 00:00:44 4

Los Mejores Digimons Y Sus Evoluciones

4.01 MB 00:03:03 3

Zettai All Right Digimental Up Original Karaoke

6.58 MB 00:05:00 4

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